Having been protected since 1964 under different titles, Mooteh was designated wildlife refuge in 1990. Having an area of 204350 ha, this mountainous plain rolling land is located in Esfahan and Markazy Province. The altitude range of 1500-2900 m and mean annual precipitation and temperature of 275 mm and 12 C, respectively have resulted in resulted in temperate arid and semi-arid climates in the region.


Mooteh has high animal and plant biodiversity. The vegetation cover is mainly composed of mountain almond, been caper, wormwood, Persian globe thistle, poppy, salvia, borage, goat’s wheat, almond and different astragals. Mooteh is one of the best habitats for goitred gazelle in Iran. Other animal species include wild sheep, wild goat, leopard, wolf, cape hare, Indian crested porcupine, gray hamster, gerbil, chukar partridge, see-see partridge, quail, red billed chough, rock dove, golden eagle, falcon, sparrow hawk, vulture, turtle and agama.


Mining activities in the region have brought about negative environmental impacts. High biodiversity, proximity to academic centers and proper access roads have paved the way for scientific, research and tourist activities in the region.موته

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