This rolling land, one the Iranian historical game reserves, was designated area in 1964 and was promoted to a wildlife refuge in 1975. Having an area of 89813 ha, the refuge is located in Esfahan Province. The altitude range of 1700-2700 m and mean precipitation and temperature of 188 mm and 11.5 C, respectively have resulted in a temperate arid climate. No permanent rivers are found in the area, however, a number of springs and qanats do exist. Ghamishlou is rich in plan and animal biodiversity and is of great importance for the protection of genetic reserves.


152 animal and 344 plant species have been identified in the region including 46 endemic species. Vegetation is generally steppe with astragal and wormseed accompanied by pistache, almond. Turk terebinth pistache, Montpellier maple, rhubard, feathered grass, thistle, prickly thrift, camel’s thorn, primrose, poppy, desert rod, salvia, different tulips, borage and persicaria. Abundance of Esfahan wild sheep in the region is one of its characteristics. Other animal species include gazelle, wild goat, leopard, wolf, forest dormouse, chukar partridge, see-see partridge, sandgrouse, golden eagle, skylark, little owl, Schmidt’s whip snake, lizard, green toad and minnow. Ghamishlou is a superb wildlife refuge in the proximity of Esfahan industrial estates. High biodiversity, stunning vegetated hilly landscapes, proper access roads and historical monuments in the region have made possible he attraction of nature lovers and researchers.

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