Covering an area of 160534 ha, this region was designated protected area in 1996. It is amountainous. Plain and roling land compose of Kalleh Gavi Mountains, Kuh-eSyah and Bidiyeh and Kabootarkhan salty plains, located in Kerman Province. The altitude range of 1660 to 2740 m and mean annual precipitation and temperature of 50 mm and 14 C , respectively have resulted in a temperate extra-arid climate. Considered one of the Iran and Tourani sites, Turk terebinth pistache, oak mana tree mountain almond, sour cherry, tamarisk, wormseed, asragal, devil’s milk, and bean caper are the indicator species of the region. Bidoyeh is a valuable habitat for goitred gazelle. Other animal species are wild goat, cheetah, wild sheep, gray partridge, houbara bustard, saw-sxaled viper, versicolored wood snake, slender racer and agama. The existence of roads in the region and its vicinity has facilitated access to the area. However, vast military bases have imposed negative environmental impacts.

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