Tang_e Sayad

Located in Chahar Mahall and Bakhtiari Province, this 22896 ha mountainous and plain area has been protected since 1973. The central part of the region was then promoted to national park in 1995. The altitude range of the region was then promoted to national park in 1995. The altitude range of 2080-3220 m and mean and temperature of 450 mm, and 8 C, respectively, have given rise to a temperate semi-arid climate. The Kiar River, the sole permanent water source of the region, forms the southern border of the area. The identification of 124 animal and 250 plant species including 30 endemic plant species indicates the biological richness of the area. The dominant plant species is atragal associated with mountain almond , almond acanthofyllum, cousinia, brome grass, wheat grass, daphne, wormwood, prickly thrift, caper, gaint fennel, fennel, milfoil, chamomile, succor and thyme. Tang-e Sayad is an excellent habitat for leopard, wild goat and wild goat and sheep. Other animal species include jackal, wolf, Indian crested porcupine, hedgehog, Persian squirrel, Kuhl’s pipistrelle, chukar partridge, Caspian snowcook, golden eagle, kestrel, saker, eagle owl, sand boa, versicolored wood snake, Montpellier snake, grass snake, Caspian pond turtle and large-scaled rock agama. High biodiversity, high boulders covered with vegetation and beautiful vernal flowers and proper access roads have facilitated scientific, research and tourist activities in the region.

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